Project management 

Create a project management system that brings together all the tools you require in one place. You can display tasks, milestones, who's responsible, and the resources needed for each project.

Sales CRM

Use EasyPortal to handle sales opportunities from start to finish, and stay in touch with your team and the info you need to seal the deal. Keep track of your customer interactions, jot down notes, and stay connected to have a complete view of all your customers.


Set up an all-in-one system to handle every part of your marketing program in one place. Whether it's planning, budgeting, or scheduling social media campaigns, you can keep everything organized and never miss important dates with easy-to-use reports, calendars, and timelines.

Human Resources and Recruiting

Handle all your HR tasks in a single location, from hiring and bringing new team members on board to keeping an eye on performance and conducting reviews. You can easily monitor where candidates are in the interview process and gather feedback at every step. Plus, you can match candidates you've talked to before with new job openings that suit their skills.


Get your education and early career on track with a platform that organizes everything. From managing courses to applying for college and jobs, it puts everything you need for school and future success in one place. Never forget a deadline with this comprehensive platform for managing assignments, exams, projects, and finals.

Customer Success

Stay ahead of the game by planning customer outreach, recording their feedback, and tracking everything with easy-to-use dashboards and reports. Make proactive plans to keep customer accounts in good shape while also being quick to address any issues that come up.

Real Estate

Streamline your operations with one platform to handle your sales pipeline, contacts, referrals, and property deals. Keep an eye on both residential and commercial leases, track maintenance schedules, and monitor budgets.

Business Operations

Get all your essential operations in one place, from handling strategic initiatives to safeguarding your data's integrity. Keep records and resources organized, monitor incidents, stay updated on your vendors, and ensure you track, measure, and report key company metrics.

Professional Services

Boost your team's performance to handle work orders, deliver projects, and manage engagements more efficiently than ever. Centralizing all your workflows in one platform enhances visibility of status and resource management, making everything easier.

Finance and Accounting

Control capital investments, keep tabs on debts and repayment schedules, and handle corporate audits with user-friendly, integrated solutions. Prioritize spending and distribute funds from the top down.

Event Planning

Bring your teams together, organize vendors, assign resources, and keep tabs on participants using a user-friendly interface. Keep track of your schedule, manage guests, and make sure all the necessary assets are where they should be, just as you've planned.

Non Profit

Work together with your team in the same place where you're making progress to boost efficiency and overcome challenges in your goal to convert supporters into long-term supporters. Discover ways to keep volunteers actively participating in programs, engage them in events, and provide ongoing support as they back your cause.

Restaurant and Food Services

Get all the tools you need to serve customers better and boost profits in one online platform. Create menus that customers will adore while keeping an eye on food costs to maximize profits. Organize your staff, plan and oversee events on a platform that makes sharing information easy and accessible at all times.

Facility Management

Bring all your facilities management processes together and make them more efficient with one platform. Keep an eye on assets, locations, and repairs to fully grasp your spending, spot trends, and prevent surprise expenses.


EasyPortal is perfect for all kinds of religious groups, whether they're small churches or big organizations with multiple locations. It helps with stuff like running the church, keeping track of members, planning events, and handling donations, and more.

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